App Development

Analysis of application functions and characteristics

This step analyzes the idea of the application clearly, confines the functions to be achieved from the application and determine the users of the application and features of each user.

UI / UX application design interfaces

The UI / UX interface design is made according to the analysis file from the first step and outputs the best interface design and the best user experience while navigating within the application

Application Programming (Development)

In this step, the programming process is done according to the specified interfaces and according to the analysis and design file resulting from the first and second steps and the applications are programmed.

Deploy and Testing

A trial version of the application to be installed on the mobile and tested and experienced by us, the client and from the end-user of the application, then take notes and work.


After completing the test and making the required enhancements to the app, the apps on the Google Play Store & APP Store are uploaded to be available to everyone.

Follow-up & Support

We provide maintenance, technical support and make the necessary updates periodically with the provision of training to use the application and manage it with the availability of the ability to develop the application and increase the characteristics